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Professional glamour photography for models around the world.

Based in Miami Florida and London UK, and with frequent tours to other cities worldwide, Secret Red specialises in creating awesome photography and websites for models. With many years experience we guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations!

Escort Glamour Photography

Professional escort photographer based in Miami & London, I offer a variety of photography packages to suit all budgets, all over the UK and USA.

Escort Website Design

Escort websites built using our website template or fully bespoke solutions, we can create any design to reflect your unique brand and enhance your image whilst increasing client conversions.

Worldwide Photography Tours

I know it’s not always possible for you to come to the UK for a photoshoot, so I have frequent tours around the world so you too can benefit with stunning escort photography.

Miami & London based professional escort glamour photographer, Secret Red has been shooting commercial, fashion and glamour clients all over the world for many years. With a reputation for creating stunning photography and a penchant for detail Secret Red guarantees to create perfect photography for your needs.

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Los Angeles Escort Photographer

Escort Photography in Los Angeles

I’m a London based professional escort photographer, with frequent trips to Los Angeles. I’ve been shooting lingerie, glamour and escorts for many years and have hundreds of happy clients from all over the world. I travel frequently all over the world with tours in major cities worldwide, I’m available to create stunning escort photography for you in Los Angeles! Please get in touch to find out when I will next be in Los Angeles or if you would like me to make a special trip to Los Angeles just for you.

Why should you invest in professional escort photography in Los Angeles?

It’s important to not underestimate the value of good photos for your escort brand. The quality of the photos you show to your potential clients say’s a lot about the kind of service you offer and the type of escort you wish to be portrayed as. There is almost a direct correlation between the quality of your photos and the amount of money you can command as an escort and the amount of money clients are willing to pay to see you. Therefore if you wish to have the highest earning potential possible, the best way of achieving this is by investing in amazing photos that capture the luxury exclusive service that you offer with a professional escort photographer in Los Angeles.

What’s the most important thing to think about for escort photography in Los Angeles?

The outfits and location that you select for your escort photography are very important, probably the outfits you select more important than the location though. For if you select a bad location, if can still result in great photos if your outfits are amazing. But if your outfits are bad and the location is good, the photos will still not look as good as they could have been had the outfits been better. When selecting outfits for your photoshoot it’s often a good idea to have several to pick from at the shoot, a good escort photographer in Los Angeles will be able to advise which outfits work or don’t work in photos, as often certain outfits work better in photos than others.

What outfits should you wear for your escort photography photoshoot in Los Angeles?

Depending on the kind of image you wish to portray the kind of outfits you select will play a very large part in this. From satin, lace, denim, mini skirts, evening dresses, lingerie or trouser suits. Some of the most successful escorts have a variety of looks with different outfits, this gives your potential clients the chance to see you in different scenarios such as in a fine evening dress for trips to the theatre followed by lace lingerie for after dinner. If you need some help selecting the perfect out for your shoot, just let me know, as a professional escort photographer I have lots of experience selecting outfits for shoots ensuring they give the correct look and feel for your particular escort brand.

Where to shoot in Los Angeles for escort photography?

Los Angeles is a photographers dream for photography locations, there are so many different options, from beaches to 5 star hotels or beach side villas to desolate desert landscapes. It’s easy to find the perfect location for your escort photography photoshoot in Los Angeles or nearby.