Preparing for a Photoshoot

So that you get the most out of our photoshoot together I’ve written a little guide with some keys points to consider.


Locations are one of the most important things to consider when planning a photoshoot. You want something that fits the theme you are going for, has plenty of options for shooting in the same space, i.e. lots of furniture, or rooms, or if it’s a photography studio something that has a very large wrap-around infinity wall.

Some places to find good locations for shooting can be hotels, Aibnbs or something from

If booking a hotel, often boutique hotels are best as they have more unique stylish rooms. Also consider getting the largest room you can afford such as a suite, as it will have more space to shoot giving more options and will definitely increase the worth of your photos! is one of my favourites. It’s a listing website where people can add their own house/apartment/studio or other unique place specifically so they can be rented out for photoshoots. It has some amazing places on it!

Don’t forget that shooting outside is also a good option as it’s free! Beaches, parks, forests, mountains, all make for stunning photoshoot locations.

Points to consider for all locations:

Sunset and sunrise times are key things to consider if you are wanting to take advantage of natural sunlight. Also consider the direction of the room/location for example a hotel room that is west facing is perfect for late afternoon and sunset shooting, whereas an east facing room is best for early morning shoots. Unless you are wanting to shoot at night in a hotel room where studio lights can be used, then it won’t matter what direction the room faces.


A good selection of outfits to bring with you for the shoot would be good, even if you have only the intention of shooting with 3 outfits it’s still a good idea to bring more if you can as sometimes a different outfit than anticipated works better for some locations.

Ironed/steamed: It is imperative that your outfits be ironed/steamed before the shoot, as creases show up extremely well in photos and can not be photoshopped out especially on silks and satins! The exception to this of course is lingerie, which doesn’t need pressing.

Remove the labels: Having a large label visible on a nice lace lingerie set really does not look good.

Stockings: Stockings are not necessary! Even if you want to shoot with a garter belt, it’s not 100% necessary to wear stockings, it can look just as good without. If you do want to wear stockings it’s best to ensure they are not tight, as if they are too tight on your thighs it will cut into your legs and is not good for the photos. Also, hold-ups are not supposed to be worn with suspender belts, to finish the look off perfectly you should wear regular stockings (not hold-ups), they are softer and more elegant when paired with suspender belts.

Shoes: A nice pair of clean shoes with no scuffs and scratches on the soles is perfect, scuffed shoes just don’t look good.

Fake Tan: Don’t get a fake tan, they are notoriously bad for photos, that’s why everyone looks orange in photos when they have fake tan! There is a really famous example, but I won’t name him, I’m sure you can guess.


Don’t underestimate the value of adding some accessories, they can easily enhance your photos and also give more options for shooting too. Books/magazines, champagne/wine, flowers, picnic baskets, hats, whips, anything that you can use to do something. If you like painting you could bring a canvas and some paints and that would make an amazing accessory. If you like baking, bring some flour, a bowl and an apron and we can do a stunning nude baking scene. Pizza makes a good accessory for those cozy nights of order-in, Netflix and chill. Plus who doesn’t like eating pizza at a shoot anyway 😉

The day before the shoot

Pack your outfits, being careful not to crease anything that has already been ironed/steamed, a suit carrier is handy to use.

Go to bed at a reasonable time, not too late as you’ll want to be as fresh as possible for the shoot. Drink plenty of water as this helps to hydrate your skin and improves skin tone.

It’s too late to worry about a crash diet, so just eat light food, nothing that will make you bloated.

The morning of the shoot

Yes you can have breakfast, just not a full cooked English breakfast. Something light to give you some energy is fine, it will not make your belly look fat for the photos.

Wear loose fitting clothes, such as jogging pants/trousers. Definitely do not wear skin tight jeans or other tight fitting clothes as this will leave marks all over your body and if wearing lingerie for the photos the marks on your skin will be visible in the photos. I have had girls turn up before wearing fish net stockings (but not wanting to shoot in them), we had to wait for their legs to become normal again and this can take some time!!

Try to leave with plenty of time to get to the location if you are travelling far, or in the city as traffic can be a nightmare at certain times of the day. If you are late it may mean that you get less shooting time, as if I have another appointment after yours I will need to leave at the end of the scheduled time or if the location is booked for a fixed period of time only.

Hair & Make-Up

If doing your own hair & make-up:

Whether you want your photos blurred or not, hair is very important for the photos. Ensure your hair is nicely brushed/curled/straitened, this really does make a big difference to the photos.

If you’ve booked a hair & make-up artist:

Hair & make-up can take up to 2 hours, please factor this into the timings when booking any locations.

If you have some reference photos for the style of make-up and hair you would like that would greatly help the make-up artist.

Please ensure your hair is clean and dry so the hair stylist can work as fast and efficiently as possible at styling your hair, and a clean bare face for the make-up.