SR Agency

This help page is for the SR Agency, which is an extension to the SR Escort Template website which has it’s own help page at: The SR Agency adds the ability to create an unlimited number of escorts and allows advanced filtering.

The below offers a guide on how to set up the basic features of your website.

First Steps

The first things you need to do on your new website are:

  1. Change the admin email address to ensure important email notifications are sent directly to you. You can do this by logging into the admin section of your website at: and going to Settings > General, and look for the “Email address” box. The default email address is, but you need to update this to your email address.

Customise Agency Settings

To customise the agency settings go to: Appearance > Customise > Agency. From there you will find the following options:

  1. Agency Contact Details
    • This is where you can add your specific contact details for the agency, and select where they are displayed on the website.
  2. Agency Grid Pages
    • The escorts are shown in a grid on the front of the website in each city or taxonomy that you use. You can select how many escorts are shown on each row and how many on each row for different screen sizes to optimise the viewing experience for your customers.
  3. Agency Profile Attributes
    • You can enter your own profile attributes, up to 30.
  4. Agency Rates
    • This is where you pre-define the currencies to use on the escort profiles and the booking durations that you want to use, such as 1 hour, 2 hours etc.
  5. Agency Profile Pages
    • Specific options for the profile pages which can be customised.
  6. Agency Booking Page
    • The booking page is set by default, but if you wish to use a different booking page you can select this here. You will first need to create the new booking page in the Pages section on the admin area.
  7. Agency Search Bar
    • Show or hide the search bar on all pages or on selected pages only.

How To Add An Escort

To add an escort to your site, go to Escorts in the admin area, and click Add New Escort. You will then be able to fill out the details for the new escort and select the gender (if you are have more than 1 gender in your agency) location, nationality, services, price and custom type.

To set the main image for the escort go to the Featured Image box at the bottom right side bar. This is the image used in the grid pages and search results.

Add all the other images including the image added as a featured image to the Gallery section so they will then be displayed on the profile page.

Add Custom Locations and Taxonomies

If you would like to change the locations available or the genders, nationalities, services, prices and custom types you can do this for example by going to Female Escorts > Locations.

SR Profiles Shortcode

One of the most powerful features is the sr_profiles shortcode, you can use this to add escorts to any page on the website and filter which escorts are displayed when viewing that page. To use the shortcode copy the following code into a shortcode block in your desired page:

[sr_profiles profile_id="" num="" order="" orderby="rand" ppr_mobile="2" ppr_tablet="2" ppr_desktop="2" available="" available_now="" featured="" new="" gender="" location="" nationality="" service="" price="" custom_type="" type_operator="" hide_blinker=""]

The SR Profiles shortcode is made up of the following options:


You can show specific escorts by selecting the ID number for the specific profile. You can get this by going to the edit profile page for the escort you want, then look in the URL address bar at the top of the browser for the following: “post=” the number that follows is the ID for that profile, for example: post=288. You can then enter that number in the profile_id, you can add more than one profile number by seperating them with a comma for example: profile_id="288,310,328".


num is the maximum number of profiles to show, i.e. num="12" will show a maximum of 12 profiles. If there are only 5 profiles available that meet the other filter criteria then only 5 will show.


Order the profiles by ascending or descending: "ASC" or "DESC".


Order the profiles by "title", "date" or "rand" (random).


Profiles per row, select how many profiles to show on each row for mobiles (small screens). Options are: "12", "6", "4", "3", "2", "1".


Profiles per row, select how many profiles to show on each row for tablets (medium screens). Options are: "12", "6", "4", "3", "2", "1".


Profiles per row, select how many profiles to show on each row for desktop and laptops (large screens). Options are: "12", "6", "4", "3", "2", "1".


To show only escorts marked as available for booking use: available="y".


To show only escorts marked as available now use: available_now="y".


To show only escorts marked as featured use: featured="y".


To show only escorts marked as new use: new="y".


If you have set custom genders for your escorts, you can filter them by entering the gender name here: gender="Female".


Select the location for the escorts you wish to display, leave blank to show escorts from all locations, or use multiple locations seperated by a comma: location="London, Paris, New York".


Select the nationalities for the escorts you wish to display, leave blank to show escorts from all nationalities, or use multiple nationalities seperated by a comma: nationality="British, Brazilian".


Select the services for the escorts you wish to display, leave blank to show all services, or use multiple services seperated by a comma: service="BDSM, Massage".


Select the prices for the escorts you wish to display, leave blank to show escorts from all prices, or use multiple prices seperated by a comma: price="500+, 700+".


Select the custom taxonomy types for the escorts you wish to display, leave blank to show escorts from all custom types, or use multiple custom types seperated by a comma: custom_type="Blonde, BDSM".


Possible values are 'IN' (default), 'NOT IN', 'AND'. For the custom_type option you can select how you wish the values to be filtered, for example if you select Blonde and BDSM for the custom_type, and use IN for type_operator it will show any escorts that have blonde hair and any escorts that do BDSM. If you select AND it will show only escorts that have Blonde hair and also do BDSM. If you select NOT IN, it will show all profiles except Blonde or BDSM.


If set to "y" it will hide the flashing available now blinker.

SR Agency Find By Shortcode

The [sr_agency_find_by] shortcode is a simple dropdown filter that can be added to any Page (use shortcode block) or Widget (use text widget). The search fields are automatically added if any escorts are available.