LA Location 18

South Los Angeles Loft Warehouse

!!! Iconic 80’s NY Loft Warehouse !!!

8 cars and one truck guaranteed in the lot. Plenty of on street parking surrounding the building. Let all production be aware of this. There is a lot 10 minutes away with 100’s of parking spaces available.

Main studio totals 3300 square ft. 1000 square ft separated Hallway and Basecamp production area.
Length is 75 ft
Width is 50 ft.
Ceiling is 19ft high.
Windows are 12 ft high windows that face west for amazing sunsets.
Client lounge on top of loft.
2000 square ft Rooftop Patio
Full Kitchen. 2 bathrooms. Make-up Hair Station.
Two entrances both require one flight of stairs.

The windows all face west. The sun hits the windows at NOON and sets directly in front of the windows until 6pm sunset. If you want the cool glowing effect with the shadows on the floor these are the main times you want to shoot. If you do not want to fight the sun light then 6am to Noon are the times you want to shoot.

We are 10 miles east of LAX and 6 Miles south of downtown. We are the most central studio is Los Angeles.

Subject to availability – please enquire before booking to confirm availability for your preferred date.

Advance booking highly recommended!!!

100% location fee payable at time of booking.

Additional travel expenses may be payable if I am not already in the same city as this location on your preferred shoot date.

Price From: $723 (up to 3h)