LA Location 16

West Hills 60's Vintage House

A private residence available as a film and photo studio with unique spaces that feature iconic vintage decor and well thought out custom pieces that pay homage to the clever and classy 60’s / 70’s style. This time warp home will give you a taste of what life was like in years gone by and allow you to capture the true essence of the 1960s. Each room will give you a different experience. Located in West Hills, California, this 1964 Mid-Century home features yellow carpeting, paneled walls, wood veneer furniture, wallpaper, eye-catching accessories, bright prints and patterns, neon colors, original flooring, windows and more. It is a retro design lover’s dream come true.

About the Space:

  • 1960s Casual Living Room
  • Wood Paneled Dining room
  • Wallpapered Retro Kitchen
  • 1960s Bedroom
  • Honeymoon Room
  • 1960s Pastel Vanity ( a feminine hideaway)
  • Texture Room (fabric covered walls & flooring)

Subject to availability – please enquire before booking to confirm availability for your preferred date.

Advance booking highly recommended!!!

100% location fee payable at time of booking.

Additional travel expenses may be payable if I am not already in the same city as this location on your preferred shoot date.

Price From: $783 (up to 3h)