How much should I blur my photos?

Written by Secret Red

If you are an escort or companion I am sure you have thought about this question many times. There are many reasons why you would want to blur your photos such as protecting your identify from family or friends who do not know about your chosen profession, or protecting your identify from potential stalkers, or even keeping your identify secret from the authorities.

Have you considered how much you should blur your photos, or not blur your photos? I get asked this question all the time, so I below is an example slideshow where you can click through the images to see the effect of different levels of blur on the same photo. Starting from the first slide with Blur 10 can you see who this person is? See how long it takes you to recognise this famour actress, and that will give you an idea of how much blur you should or shouldn’t use.

Image Unblurring Software

There is a common misconception that unblurring software can restore your blurred photo back to its original unblurred state. This is simply not true. What it can do is use advanced algorithms to unblur/sharpen photos where there is only a little blur already and where your facial features are pretty clearly visible already. From the above photos these unblurring software would not be able to remove a blur from Blur 10 – Blur 5, it would have limited effect on blur Blue 2 as the eyes are still a solid blur. It may be able to do Blur 1, as the facial features are still very visible. This software is not specific for facial unblurring, they are designed to be used on any photo that is slightly blurred to sharpen the image and remove the blur as best as possible to make the photo better in general.

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software works by measuring the distance between key features on your face, such as the distance between your eyes, your nose, the width of your mouth etc and then compares that information against other photos to see which ones match the same dimensions. If you blur your face you can prevent this software from matching your images, however, it only works if you fully blur your face so that your eyes nose and mouth are not visible and no dimensions can be taken from them. In the above images, facial recongition would not work on Blur 10 – Blur 5, Blur 4 is right on the margin as it’s just possible to make out the facial features, but facial recognition would probably not be very effective. Blur 3 – Blur 1 it would most likely be possible to use facial recognition software on these photos.

If you are worried about facial recognition software it might be advisable to blur your photos such as in Blur 5 or higher.