Brisbane Glamour Photography

Written by Secret Red

Are you looking for a photography company who are experts in glamour photography? If you are then you might want to take a look at us here at Secret Red. We know what it takes to capture the perfect glamour shot, even down to the location where the pictures are taken.
We are based in London, however, we are happy to travel all around the world in pursuit of the perfect location for the glamour shots that we take. Even if that means ending up on the other side of the world.
If you are looking for glamour photography in Australia and you are not quite sure where to head, then let us walk you through the reasons why we think that Brisbane could be the ideal place to go.

Glamour Photography in Brisbane

There are plenty of reasons to choose Brisbane as your glamour photography in Australia location. If you are looking for a sunset photo shoot (and believe us these can be truly breathtaking and dramatic) then a great place to go is Kangaroo Point Cliffs. As the sun goes down then the sun will set behind the city, illuminating the skyline and perfectly framing you for your photos.

If you don’t mind travelling out a little from the city then you can find yourself in a place called Cleveland Point. A bayside location you might find it best for those who want to indulge in some water based activities; but you will also find yourself with a variety of amazing spots to have a photoshoot including jetties and a few secluded tree spots. Alternatively another bayside location is Wellington Point which has its own fascinating points.

Glamour Photography with Secret Red

Along with the perfect location, if you really want the ideal glamour photography shot then you are going to want to have trust in the photography company that you choose. Here at Secret Red we take great pride in all of the glamour shots that we capture.

We want to make sure that every single client, no matter their size or their type, have their requirements met. We will work with them before the shoot to learn more about them as a company or as a person and then do what we can to make sure that those needs are met.

We never treat our clients like just another number that we need to tick off. We see every single project that we work on as a chance to give that client the images that they are searching for and that could really change their business for the better.

This could be a solo person who is looking to grow their own portfolio or perhaps a company who has a number of people on their books who need their own personal shots to be taken.

No matter who you are and no matter what type of images you want us to capture. Speak to us here at Secret Red and see what we can do for you.