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Written by Secret Red
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What is the best WordPress escort theme?

This question probably gets asked quite a lot when people embark on the beginning of their career as an escort and decide it’s time they need a website. But what makes a good escort website theme?

In my opinion it should be highly customisable with everything built into it that an escort needs for her website. There’s no point using a theme that’s built for another industry even if it looks good as it will inevitably lack the key features that are necessary for every escort but not needed by any other industry. For example disclaimer pages, or specific places to put all the required banners from advertising directories, detailed contact forms that cover all the required information needed from potential clients not to forget the all important images that need to be displayed at their best to entice all the potential clients with customisable galleries.

It may also be a good idea to use a WordPress escort theme that comes with support and free set-up, giving you peace of mind that it will be set-up correctly getting you online as soon as possible and to help with any technical queries you may have.

Also if it has free SSL to ensure you website is always secure, this would come in very handy as most website companies want to charge large fees to set up SSL on a yearly basis.

Weekly free backups are also a good thing to have as anyone who has been using the internet for long enough knows that website hacking is something that can’t be overlooked. It only takes someone to hack your password and they can be delete your website at a moments notice. With weekly backups in place you can be sure that no matter what happens to your website, it can be restored as if nothing happened.

If you can also sign-up anonymously so your personal details are kept secret, thus protecting your identity, this could also come in very handy.

Secret Red WordPress Escort Theme

The WordPress escort theme by Secret Red includes all these features, making it possibly the best WordPress escort theme for all escorts, you can find out more about this theme at:

SR Escort WordPress Escort Website Theme