Welcome to the Demo SecretRed Escort website

This is a demo of the Free Escort theme by secretred.com.
Free Escort Website

You can enter any content you would like here.

  • Free set up with the initial content and images you provide
  • Hosted on secure European servers
  • Multiple page types on every page so every site is different
  • Full-page video for homepage or use a full-page static image
  • Optional disclaimer page
  • Optional site-wide notice on all pages
  • Easily upload and change images
  • Customise the site colour theme to any colour you would like
  • Select from hundreds of fonts for the logo font using Google Fonts
  • Select from hundreds of fonts for the entire website¬†using Google Fonts
  • Customise the main menu size and spacing
  • Change the font sizes for the entire website
  • Change the font colours for the entire website
  • Upload your own custom logo
  • Fully responsive for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Professional contact form
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Blog section
  • Unlimited images in your photo gallery
  • Easily add and manage your own content 24/7
  • Space for banners on your homepage for link sharing
  • Social media links
  • Add a page to advertise your duo friends
  • SEO controls
  • Sell anything on your website with WooCommerce integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Unlimited customisable keyword landing pages for the avid SEOer
  • GDPR compliant cookie notification and privacy policy facility.

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